#10/#8 DRAWPOT ON MAY 31ST, 2015
TEAM ROPERS: Our next Team Roping is on May 31st at Sleezer Ranch by Ashland, NE. It is a #10 Drawpot with a #8 Incentive. You must call 402-673-4465 to enter this roping. Capped on #5E Ropers.

BARREL RACERS: The next race is June 2nd at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln. We will be in the MPA Arena. There will be $250 added at the Event Center in Lincoln. BRF Approved as a separate qualifier and BBR Approved. Please go to the Maverick Page to see the attached photo that shows the rest of the dates for the Turn N Burn Series. Please keep in mind that a few more races may be added at Sleezer Ranch.

  Schedule for the 2015 Turn N Burn Races   We welcome Z FOUR TRUCKING INC. as one of our new sponsors of the TURN N BURN BARREL SERIES. Z FOUR TRUCKING is out of Endicott, NE. You can reach them at 402-300-0094.  

Tres Rios Silver is one of our great sponsors!


Thank You Cactus Saddlery for being a sponsor of the Turn N Burn and S BAR S ARENA!

  Pizza Ranch signs on to be a Saddle Sponsor! THANK YOU PIZZA RANCH!!!   A big thank you to Laurie Hartman Author of Cowgirl Is A State Of Mind for sponsoring the Cowgirls Is A State Of Mind Futurity!   Contestants from our 1st annual Twisted Bikini Race! This race was a huge success and the sponsors have signed on for another one next year! Thank you Sleezer Ranch, Twisted J Arena and Twisted Tack.   #11 DRAWPOT WITH #9 INCENTIVE
1. Butchy Levell
2. Cody Carlson
3. Scott Schaefer
4. Marty Leach
5. Troy Whited

1. Chad Podany
2. Scott Schaefer
3. Dusty Metzner

Cody Carlson
Butchy Levell
Chance Remington
Tom Littel
Brad Whited

Brad Chapman
Butchy Levell
Chance Remington

Cactus Saddles
$700 a man
$500 a man
$330 a man
$165 a man

Buckles & $360 a man
$216 a man
$145 a man

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